Powered with a 390 brushed engine, it’s ample torque and speed on a complete control of this 9.6v, 800mAH Lithium-ion battery

Quality and capacity you expect from posture is offered in off road operation.

Equipped with varying mounting places for GPTOYS Foxx S911 super-smooth handling and performance, suspension motions controlled landings over jumps and are damped for functioning over surfaces.

The consequences do supply a fantastic quantity of rebound and flex while maybe not oil-filled.

Shock absorption and collision avoidance layout

Charging period: approximately 180 minutes

Battery for automobile: 9.6V/800mAh Li-Po battery

Dimensions (automobile): 305 * 265 * 153mm (artificial dimensions error enabled)

Control space: roughly 80 meters

The chassis is constructed from rc moster truck a sturdy plastic and feels great in your hands, not providing any sign of being fragile or flimsy. The suspension and axle components provide the impression that they are prepared to withstand just about anything you can throw at it.

With cost voltage protection, low power security, overheating protection.

S-Truck suspension technologies for superior control and handling

This item includes a complete ratio 1/12 scale high speed off-road vehicle, outfitted with a 2.4GHz radio platform prepared to race, two-wheel driveway system and shock absorption and collision avoidance layout, and separate alloy differential, which could radically move forward and backward, turn right and left. Your operating that is true also increases. More info about the item, please consult with the guide that is English.

Charger plug-in: EU, US plug optional

I know I am getting ahead of myself somewhat by diving into a number of the functionality and managing aspects of the truck, but it still amazes me what kind of functionality you can buy for under $50. To wrap up the summary of the vehicle it’s a solid machine which looks great hammering over jumps or standing.

In comparison to a few of my additional cars that are radio-controlled, the Foxx S911 is nimble enough to pull a few of the slides and spin-stops off that HPI Micro RS4 and my LaTrax Rally could do.

Additionally, this is a monster truck rather than a racer, and that means you’ve got to take that into consideration.

Brand gift box bundle

Equipped with grippy soft compound tires with contemporary design, the tread pattern appears rough but has lots of biting edges to grapple pretty much any kind of terrain out of boulders and gravel to sidewalks and sand.

The remainder of the automobile will compensate with this particular slight-delay in performance, although I discovered that these to lag somewhat when creating fast-paced endings.

1 * Steering wheel

Given the price tag, you may be expecting what you get together with all the Foxx S911, however you get for not a lot of an investment, to tell the truth.

Color: red

1 * 9.6V 800mAh Automobile Battery

Battery for control: 2 * 1.5VAA battery (not included)

Prepared to operate and no assembly required.

The wheels and tires not only look good with the automobile, but they are not bad in the managing department either. Grip-wise, the tires may offer a bit more grip on a few terrain (you will find an ample quantity of wheel-spin on grass as well as other low-traction regions) they supply sufficient grip/slip to create hard cornering and fast twists both attainable and enjoyable.

Bundle weight: 1832g / 4.04pounds

From the box, this seems like your normal R/C automobile, which can be a fantastic thing.

Brand title: GPTOYS

2.4G technology behind high-speed automobiles racing concurrently, a selection of remote management of approximately 80 meters.

Run time: roughly 10 minutes

Weight: 1007.6gram

Bundle dimensions: 37.5 * 28 * 18cm / / 14.8 * 11 * 7.1in

1 * User guide

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