A couple of years ago, an application for Android smartphones named Alfred was released.  It allowed you to turn your smartphone into a security camera while you were away from home.  The nice thing was that you didn’t need to upgrade you hardware in order to use the security system successfully.

Digital signage software is also the type of software that has the capability of transforming the hardware that you are using into something special- without requiring that you have specific hardware before you get started.

Here are some ways that digital signage software can help to monetize your display hardware:

Ad networks:

Although you may have digital screens all over your establishment, you may not be utilizing the power that they can bring you by offering them for use to local businesses that can advertise on your screens while you have customers.  The best way to do this, of course, is to have digital signage software like you can find at https://blog.enplug.com/best-digital-signage-software.   Once you have it loaded on your network, you can control it from any part of the world.  You can then start to schedule ads, videos, and digital images that can be displayed from other companies. 

Another benefit of local ad networks is that you can then also get free advertising on other companies’ displays because you are giving them space.  The possibilities are exciting to many growing firms.

Marketing programs:

If you have 50 screens in your office building that belong to your company, loading a digital signage software can allow you to control all of them 24 hours a day.  If your screens face the public, you can offer them opportunities to buy products and services through your firm at discounted prices.  In fact, you can use them as a venue to run some of your direct marketing programs through.

Another type of marketing program that works well when you use digital signage software is image marketing for you firm.  Image marketing can help you make a better community impression on your clients by showcasing who you are in a positive way when they are in front of your message.  The net result among viewers should be a memory of what your company does and the type of theme that they seek to use as a message to potential customers.

Training and communication:

Of course, your company will probably have occasions where it is important for the whole firm to have a meeting or you have a division-wide training. In those types of circumstances, the entire curriculum for an online course, a speech, a hands on training, or a broadcast can be stored online and used as needed so that those that are being helped inside your firm do not need to get up and look for your training room in order to actually be trained.

Finding a solid digital signage software isn’t that difficult once you figure out which capabilities that you will actually need. Once you have it, using it for advertising, marketing and training can save you time and money over what you are doing today.

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