Painting kitchen cabinets is not a difficult task but it requires lot of preparation and time. If you do have that much time, you would love to do it by yourself. This task is so much fun and a very good activity. This task does require some money to purchase paint and other required equipments abut that money is very less than you would have being paying to professionals. Here are some very simple tips to help you with Kitchen Cabinets Color Change challenge. Before starting the job keep in mind that paint will require time in drying off properly so it may take a day before you will be able to use your kitchen again. Be prepared to eat a take out for one day.

You are going two very basic things to need, primer, and paint. Before purchasing the color, you should look in home decoration magazines or internet to know what colors are in now days for kitchen cabinets that will help you in choosing one. Make sure that whichever color you choose it matches the theme of the house or it is close enough.  You should purchase a high quality paint which does not get effected with the heat very easily and you cannot perform this task every other day so a good quality color will last longer. Make sure that whichever color you are choosing is not making the atmosphere of the kitchen look darker. Kitchens need to look bright. Remove the cabinet’s doors otherwise this task take much longer in completing and it will not be as perfect.

You will have to remove the dust from the cabinets and for that; you will have to scrub them properly. You do not want to add dust with the paint. Wear the cover ons and gloves to protect your skin from paints. You do not want your hand to look dirty for at least a fortnight. Give a sift sanding to all the things you are painting. After that that, real painting task will start. In reality that is not something difficult. You have already done all the difficult things.

Give one coat off the paint and let us wait and let it dry. Start the second coat after making sure that the first one is dried off properly. Your kitchen cabinets will look just like new in just one day and in a very small amount.


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