Marketing is a crucial role of any small business owner. It doesn’t matter how good your service is or how helpful your product can be, without a good marketing strategy to get the word out you are not going to survive. We have compiled a list of great marketing strategies that you can do on a low-budget to get the word out.

YouTube Instructional Videos 

We are sure that you have probably watched some instructional videos on how to do something you didn’t have the necessary knowledge to do. Why not give back to your potential customer base by offering some free knowledge and getting your name out there.

No one likes being sold to. When you start by helping someone out they are more likely to be receptive to potential pitches in the future. The great part about doing instructional videos is that you don’t need to spend any money to make them. Your cellphone can work to shoot a nice quality video that you can upload for free on YouTube.

Prepare Your Elevator Pitch 

The key to selling your service or product is to know how it can benefit others and be able to get that across to the consumer. You should spend some time working on your elevator pitch, a short few minute persuasive bit, that you can perform at any point in time.

You never know when you may be introduced to a potential customer or capital investor, for that matter. Preparing an elevator pitch will ensure your concepts get across in a smooth and acceptable manner to the other person. You should always be ready to pitch when the opportunity arises. You can visit this website to learn more about this process.

Network Yourself 

This one may come as a surprise to most as it’s not talking about marketing your business specifically. However, you need to realize that as the business owner, you need to be marketing yourself to market your business. Take advantage of free training classes and seminars in your area. Participate in meet and greets.

Offer A Free Training Seminar 

This is a bit of a new concept on the market, but it works wonders. Just as you would do an instruction YouTube video, you want to actually do the instruction in person in front of a live audience. For example, if your business specializes in website design, you can teach a free seminar on how to setup a website.

It’s very likely that you will meet multiple business owners and pick up some new clients. Many business owners realize that it’s much easier to hire a trained professional to do areas of the business they are not familiar with, such as web design. They will attend your seminar to get an idea of how web design works and then will be more prone to hire you to establish their website.

By following these simple marketing tactics you can help boost the relevance of your business name within your society. Most of these are free to do. A couple of them may cost you a bit of money to perform, but remember you are investing money in yourself and your business.


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