As with any peer group, your employees are more inclined to talk with each other than with you or their supervisors. Many people prefer to stay quiet than make an issue out of something, and some people are so shy, they’re afraid to ask for what they really want, much less report a workplace issue that could be detrimental. Comprehensive employee feedback software gives your staff a forum in which they can encourage each other, air out differences, and communicate with supervisory personnel.

They Can Help Each Other Out

Teamwork is an overused word, but it remains one of the most important things to anyone’s success. You can leverage the power of teamwork virtually with employee feedback software. This is a work forum where people can chat with each other about work-related things. Set up groups assigned to projects and give them a place to communicate to ensure everyone stays on top of their milestones. If there is a weak person on the team, he or she can communicate the problems via the software, and everyone can rally around and offer help and support to get the person back on track. This isn’t the only way you’ll use this software, however.

If you leverage the power of employee performance appraisal software, you add a review tool that allows peers to appraise peers. This might sound like a disaster at first, but many people take critiques much better from their peers than they do their higher ups. Naturally, you’ll want ground rules in place. The reviews must be meant to help not harm, but once the employees being talking between themselves in a monitored forum where the supervisors can chime in, you’ll be surprised how many benefit from their peer reviews. This is a fantastic way to get feedback from the people who work directly with the subject employee, which tends to be more honest.

For the Supervisors

Employee feedback software also works well for your management staff and you. The employees and their managers can begin the arduous annual review process through the software. Employees can fill out their self-evaluation form, and you’ll be surprised how many shy employees become more open and honest when using the software. This helps them build their character, as they become less afraid to say exactly how they’d like to advance within your company. This also helps the managers give them the tools necessary for success.

Once the self-evaluation is complete, it is sent automatically to the supervisor who reviews it and then writes his or her evaluation of the employee. There is still a face-to-face meetings, at least there should be but it’s much easier to write the evaluation using the software, as this provides a template to submit all the information human resources and you need to monitor employee performance. In fact, all of the information collected by the software can be sent to HR for permanent record.

Employee feedback software offers the perfect platform for employees and managers to improve themselves and their working environment. Speak with a representative to determine how this powerful tool will benefit your business today.

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