·        Microsoft office:

As the name indicates, Microsoft office is one of the commonly used software for official purposes. It has further applications like Microsoft word, Excel, PowerPoint, and many others to help you with different tasks. For example, if you want to write a letter, word can give you different kinds of formats for that. If you want to calculate something in a bulk, Excel can help you with that. Similarly, different kinds of presentations are prepared on the power point. This software is used by the millions of people worldwide. Students are using them to prepare their presentations and assignments.

·        Anti-viruses:

Anti-viruses are the software which is there to protect your computer from damaged files and viruses. Viruses are the files which can infect your computer and might harm your important data. This is the reason why many people recommend having your files stored online so that they can be saved from damaged. So if you have a personal computer, do install it before using it. It can detect the infected files immediately and delete them.

·        Cleaners:

Cleaner also works like the antivirusand help to free the space on your computer by deleting the unnecessary information. It helps to clean up the RAM, which is very necessary to run your computer smoothly. You can also install them in your smartphones as well.

·        Players:

When we talk about players regarding computers, they are not the ones who play in the grounds. These are the special multimedia software, which helps you to see different kinds of videos on your computer. Without them, you won’t be able to play any kind of video. Multimedia software also included the readers, which help you to read different eBooks in different formats. This software has helped billions of students to get access to the online journals and now they can do their research more properly.

·        Browsers:

The browser is the software which helps you to connect with the internet. This means without it, you cannot be able to use internet on your computer. Many people like to install chrome and Firefox as a replacement of the internet explorer because it is very slow. You can also install the add on and extensions on them too.

·        CMS:

CMS or content manager software is the software which can help you connect to different users and make the collaborated effort in different projects. These include Oracle, JAVA and many others. If you want to give your CRM services worldwide, you need to have your own website for that. If you are good at website design, you can make your own website too. If you don’t know about all this, you need to find someone who is good at cms website design. This software can help you get more money. It can help you get a better website. Websites which are related with the ecommerce is also a good source to earn money. For that, you need to search for someone who is good at ecommerce website design.

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